HI, I'm Jason

I make Search Social Reputation Digital Gravity

A Bricky Fellow...

Unforeseen ROI (digital strategy), random virality (social), a small business run out of a broom closet by a single mom eats the lunch of a monolithic corporate bully (advanced seo), and those magic moments when the banished, forgotten, and discarded make an impossible comeback to incredible fanfare (reputation), that’s where you will find us.  Tinkering, Testing, and Forcing the Web to Bend.

Common professional activities: Weaving inimitable marketing strategies. Rescuing lost reputations great and small. Executing authentic large-scale perception engineering. Conducting bleeding-edge specialized marketing research. Using the Best Damn Advanced SEO in the business: Top Hat SEO

Working with me:

I don’t generally take on random-walk clients anymore, but I’m certainly interested in considering your project if you would like.  Fill out the form to the right and I will let you know fast if I’m interested in leveraging my exclusive technologies to help you dominate your digital space.

Warning: The JasonJGreen.com Team is prone to extended bouts of Mafficking, Mischief, Tomfoolery, and Silent Introspection.

Warning the Second: The JasonJGreen.com Team is obsessed with client success. Call it childhood neglect (perhaps we were dropped by a clumsy parent) or perhaps it’s good old-fashioned neurosis; we CANNOT accept defeat. Once we have entered into an agreement, we simply WILL NOT STOP until the agreed upon campaign deliverables are fulfilled. Further we will do whatever might be required to realize that success.

Yes this is probably (certainly) unhealthy.

Yes this is very good news for you.

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