At any point I’m conducting multiple research and development projects either for my own purposes or for my professional endeavors. 

This is where you can stay abreast of the more significant work I’m doing in the research and development area.

Primary Projects

The following projects are the merciless devils that keep me up at night. Mathematics that gives me nightmares. An orchestration of disciplines and ideas that is exhausting and unsustainable.

Fortunately I have some high-powered help to assist me in producing something truly innovative.

One of these projects is actually a work-for-hire type effort, and will be sold when complete to the company funding the research.

The other is going to take the concept of CRO to the next level and I’ll be using it extensively. After a year of good data from real-world application I’m going to turn my findings into a book.

These projects are:

Neuro-chemical Stimulus via Persuasive Technologies

I’m mapping mixed media experiences that stimulate very specific neuro-chemical responses in viewers and thereby dramatically increase specific responses if followed by very carefully crafted supporting cues. My lab process is totally ground-up to support the variables of these experements. Health professionals perform sample collections and independent labs test for levels. This is correlated with the behaviors and micro-behaviors that we observe. Many additional factors go into the mix and a handful of priceless secret sauces will result.

Social Behavior Predictions.

I can’t get into this one too much. The goal is to create a model of social behavior, trained in perpetuity, by real-world data. This model will generate predictions of behavior, decisions and even instances of what would appear to be (at the user level) random acts that affect their social experience (for example; being ghosted by a friend or being scammed in some way). These predictions will be stable across a long timeline into the future. Sounds impossible. I promise it’s not. I’ve developed a novel architecture for the symbolic “Universe” in which all interactions between social objects can and do occur.

A system of states for objects describes the effect of an object’s decisions changing its locus in n-dimensional spaces with varying concentricities used as a “lense” so to speak.

Other R&D Projects

Conversion Lab: Captology, behavior modification, effective marketing psychology/transactional analysis and more are used to train a customizable decision-tree that users can use to tune their funnels.

Passive Income Network: I’m building an auto-pilot empire.

La Ribera Volunteer Fire Department: I’m helping build a volunteer fire department in La Ribera Mexico. They don’t have one and a young woman recently lost her life in a house fire due to lack of fire rescue. So far we have raised dollars, secured a fire truck, fire equipment and got the mayor to assume the role of fire chief. Check it out here

I feel a little constrained by the technology of my time.

I think I should be working in the sciences and technologies of consciousness, personality/identity, neurotheology and auto-genetics. However those fields have a couple of foundational breakthroughs to make before the work itself would be satisfying to me. If you let me loose in 100 years… Shit would get real, real fast.

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