Professional History

Here I’m going to highlight projects of interest from my 15+ year career as a professional web marketer.

I’ve had an interesting career in digital marketing. I’ve been personally involved in one way or another with hundreds of campaigns. SEO, Reputation, Social Media, Web Design, Development, Strategy, Disruptive/Contrast Marketing and more. The information below is just a short highlight reel from a handful of the more memorable campaigns I’ve executed. More information is available by request.

Some of My Professional History:

I have followed a very unique career path in the digital marketing industry. In addition to serving businesses large and small, organizations, specific products/services and even individuals; a great deal of my work has been in the political arena.

For the last decade or so I have guided, advised, proliferated, crowd-funded, protected and built large, zealous communities of devoted supporters for various political interests in the U.S.

Nitty Gritty

Specifically I have generated milliions of dollars in donations. Influenced and imposed Engineered Perceptions of national politicians and policies. Made PR nightmares disappear, motivated opponents to stop being opponents and in one case, I even built a highly filtered, tightly controlled and locally deployed version of the web so that the children in the home would not be able to see the negative press about their father. In that same spirit, I have deployed massive honeypot-like networks that captured users meeting certain conditions and ensured that they were shielded from negative buzz about my clients.

Extra-Credit & Extra-Cost

Throughout those years I still consulted and executed marketing and reputation campaigns for specific projects of interest to me as I was permitted by the exclusivity details in my active political contract.

Sometimes I would be required to guarantee absolute exclusive access to my services for a campaign cycle. I hated those campaigns because I would work a 16hr day, come home and be unable to answer any specifics about my day or even my job to anyone; including my children.

On the days where I made massive real-world impact and the results of my work was plastered across all the major media outlets; I would have to sit and watch like everyone else and feign ignorance.

In’s and Out’s of Digital Marketing for Politics

Priority One is keeping sensitive information about politicians out of public reach while simultaneously shoving sensitive information about political opponents down the throats of everyone and their mother (“wet-work” in political marketing parlance).

Then there is of course protecting the reputations of national political families (“dirty-work” in the poli-promo language, because, it usually involved keeping the teenage children of high-profile politicians off “thedirty dot com”).

The Practice of Privilege

Developed bleeding-edge SEO, Reputation Mgmt,and Perception Engineering tech on unlimited infrastructure and in certain circumstances with unlimited budget.

I also developed sophisticated systems of Pestilential Media Virality (which is a fancy way of saying: Talking shit about opponents on a large scale with very serious consequences. For all of us.), Averse SEO and Reputation Disruption. These complex services are sometimes referred to politely as “contrast marketing” in the industry.

No Mas

In August of 2019 I retired from all political work for personal reasons. I’m never signing another lifetime “blackout agreement” (gag-order) for my work.

The Truth About Rockstar Energy Drink

The Truth About Rockstar (TARS) project was a very comprehensive negative reputation management campaign that served as a proving ground for a variety of innovative web methodologies, strategies and proprietary technologies that we were developing.

TARS was focused on the use of experimental disruptive reputation management techniques with a strong emphasis on translating web based actions into real world effects.

Summarizing this campaign does it no justice so additional details are available upon request.

The Effect:

I completely owned the search space for Rockstar’s brand name search phrases. Replacing their information with information supplied by me. Rallied support from celebrities. Started a national movement including a retail boycott and we even had a fancy parade in Los Angeles.

The Response:

A volley of threats, cease and desist orders to us and supporters. A very ominous threat from one of OJ’s lawyers. Legal persecution, destruction of personal property, threats of physical harm. Crazy legal proceedings and a very very grumpy energy drink.

End Result:

A corporate restructuring. Official adoption of LGBTQ sensitivity and support initiatives. 100k donation to LGBTQ Orgs and bloggers.
An awesome ride that produced some very powerful reputation management tech.


LA Parade

Building the La Ribera Volunteer Fire Department


If you do something that you don’t agree with for long enough; it changes you in fundamental ways that are scary.

After some pretty drastic changes to my personal life I got a novel idea (with some help):

  • What if my capabilities and resources were used for something good?
  • And what if I did it because it was right?
  • Even scarier; what if I did it for free?

This campaign is what actually sparked my departure from political work. As part of a life-overhaul in every way imaginable. The goal of which is to make sure that my legacy is more than just wet-work.

Building the La Ribera Volunteer Fire Department is a campaign to drive donations, awareness and coverage of our efforts to build the first fully functional and expertly trained fire department for the people of La Ribera BCS and surrounding areas. These areas are very underserved by fire rescue and a recent tragedy is what prompted the campaign to begin.

Scope of Work:

A full digital marketing campaign from scratch
-Web design and development
-Guerilla marketing
-the works

To Date:

We are making tremendous progress and the new fire department has already responded to fires in the community. I am currently negotiating a handful of celebrity endorsements as the next phase.

LRVFD is going to be my crown jewel and when I’m done this beautiful little community is going to have world class fire rescue and emergency response right at home.

Do Something Good and Donate $10 Right Now

Jason J Green

Software Dev

I do most of the development for my own R&D and that work is largely private. That being said I have done some software development for clients and could possibly be persuaded to do so again if its an interesting project. My preferred languages are Mathematica and Python.



This multifaceted project had a primary interest in driving organic conversions and cleaning up various highly toxic reputation issues such as negative youtube videos that outranked the Goldmart website itself for key targeted search phrases. Additionally a significant Magento development project was part of this campaign.


  • Significant improvement of organic conversions
  • Removal or obfuscation of negative search results
  • Development of over 700 original pieces of highly optimized product content
  • Development of multiple extensions to Goldmart.com to improve the utility and authority of the site as a whole.


King888 Energy Drink

King 888 Energy Drink was a large-scale campaign for the launch of new national energy drink product. This was a ground up campaign that included the design, development and promotion of a new website. Additional activities included alternative branding, guerrilla marketing, media creation and a multitude of public awareness activities.


  • To create an effective web presence for King 888 Energy Drink
    Drive organic traffic for highly competitive targeted search phrases
  • Craft a unique brand and brand culture
  • Gain sales traction in this highly competitive and over saturated market


  • Designed, developed, optimized and launched the King 888 Energy Drink website
  • Created national awareness for the King 888 Energy Drink
  • Created and executed highly successful marketing initiatives
  • Drove brand awareness
  • Generated significant interest and sales at a national level
  • Secured product use on national television in popular prime time programs

Some of the Brands that I partnered in from the Past and Present:

  • Ubiquity Marketing
  • Frequency Marketing
  • GreenBUILT R&D
  • Dead Calibers
  • Heartless Bastard SEO
  • SEO Gods

Heartless Bastard SEO

Frequency Marketing

SEO Gods

Ubiquity Marketing


A large part of my work is research and development. Re-engineering, evolving techniques, innovating solutions that were called impossible and applying rigorous R&D methodologies in my work. I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I had to detail my research here.

In regards to web marketing, SEO and data analytics; I want to have the best toys. So I make certain that I do. See my Tech for more information.

In my early career I did allot of writing and published some white papers and articles. Some of those were scrubbed from the search engines and I even recieved cease and desist orders from several corporations asking me to remove certain works of public research as it compromised their trade secrets. During the last decade I haven’t done much of anything in the way of public writing. This is just part of the political thing; you can’t talk about anything, ever. Some of my early writings are:

Towards a New Philosophy of SEO: A proposed shift in the common approach to SEO.

The Complete SEO: What it takes to make it in the volatile and rapidly advancing world of SEO.

Building a Semantic Relations Index: Building a topical vocabulary using Semantic term discovery.

Keyword Research: A Business Driven Approach: Approaching targeted search phrase research as a critical business process.
Accessibility and SEO: A brief exploration of how accessibility affects optimization

Local Search Marketing: Considerations for Geo-Targeted Campaigns: Discussion of the unique factors related to localized or regional search engine marketing campaigns.

Pro Sandbox?: Considerations for exploring methods of leveraging search engine aging delays to support search optimization campaigns.

Develop a Search Engine Marketing Plan: How-to guide for drafting a Search Engine Marketing plan from start to finish.

Web Credibility: Overview of the Web Credibility Guidelines published by the Stanford Persuasive Technologies Group.

Advantages of the Internet Marketing Landscape: There are decided advantages of the e-commerce domain over brick and mortar operations.

Ethics Defined: A formal exploration of ethics proper.

Killer SEO Strategy: Elements of a sound search engine optimization campaign.

Philosophia Sapiens pro Fautor Quaero: Philosophical Wisdom for the SEO.

Information Retrieval Technologies in Modern Search Engines: An online tutorial designed to give search marketers a grasp of basic IR concepts as they are applied by modern search engines.

White Papers/Reports:

Findings on the 3 Part Google Update: Jagger: Overview of research findings related to a major Google ranking algorithm update.

Google PageRank and Related Technologies: An extensive discussion of Google’s PageRank technology

Inference of Relevancy: Introduction to Vector Spread Activation: A brief exploration of vector spread citation analysis as it is commonly employed by modern search properties.

Introduction to Semantic Connectivity: Discussion of semantic analysis concepts and language disambiguation techniques.

The Anatomy of a Ranking Algorithm: Introduction of a novel taxonomy that helps to facilitate a practical understanding of search engine sorting methodologies.

All documents available upon request.


Prior to my political work, my writings were cited by a variety of entities. Including:

  • The Semantic Web School
  • WebProNews
  • Victoria eGovernment Resource Centre
  • Convurgency
  • Search Engine Guide
  • Dept. of Information Technology, University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Search Marketing Standard
  • Text Retrieval Conference (TREC)
  • Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval (SigIR)
  • Published Interview in Google Income by Apex Press

For more information about my professional history and achievements please contact me.


I'm a solutions guy. I like figuring things out, defeating unbeatable systems and developing creative solutions to accomplish goals.

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