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My approach to SEO has always been a little different. Philosophically and in practice.

SEO is about generating Revenue. Return on Investment is the bottom line.  SEO is no longer an option if you want to grow your business, it is absolutely essential.  Having the right SEO in your corner is priceless.

The heart of my web marketing system is Advanced SEO.

Owning the search results for highly profitable and relevant keywords is the first step. Next is the ability to turn search engine traffic into a consistently growing revenue stream.

Getting targeted traffic to your website is just part of the system. Crafting a visitor experience that turns visitors into customers is the real goal. That’s where the rubber hits the road; and this is just one area where my data-driven approach to web marketing reliably excels. 

My Advanced, Data-Driven SEO system delivers highly relevant search traffic and turns that traffic into revenue. Flat Fact.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization that is flexible, scalable, and presents an ever growing stream of new opportunities to capitalize on within your search space and beyond.

Ok, So, How Does it Work?

So glad you asked!


3rd Generation Search Engine Optimization

A unique, data-driven, integrative system of search space domination.

Third Generation SEO or SEO3g is the name I have given to my unique system of search engine optimization.

That sounds super-pretentious, and I despise the gimmicky sales pitch stuff.  The bottom line: I do have something unique. The amount of R&D that has gone into creating the SEO system that has been trusted by the U.S. political world for over a decade is significant and uncommon. 

SEO3g distinguishes itself from traditional SEO:

  • Powered by extensive, innovative research and resulting tech.
  • Informed by information retrieval science (the science of search engines).
  • Flexible and adaptive it can be customized to suit any situation.
  • Thorough beyond the norm as we have figured out what works and what doesn’t.
  • Our R&D efforts have allowed us to accurately model search engine mechanics.
  • Quality is first. No shady tricks. We implement SEO campaigns for long-term success.

My SEO systems drive dynamic, ongoing refinement, expansion, and improvement of your website. That ensures maximum performance and return on investment month after month.

1st Place Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

Being ranked #1 is no longer enough. The diversity of information that now populates the first page of search results means that the game has changed.

Standard SEO, which is structured to seek rankings for specific keywords is not enough. Rich Snippets, Social Sites, Business Reviews and Answer Boxes means that you now need to own the First Page to dominate your industry.

My holistic approach to SEO and web marketing in general is the best possible approach to make that happen.

Integral to your SEO campaign is Relationship Management. Historically this has been approached by building links to your website in order to increase the importance of that site and thereby improve rankings.

My approach is much more holistic; focusing on expanding your authority and importance within your industry or topic area through many channels that will support all of your marketing efforts. Securing media coverage. Building well-positioned references and citations to your website (link building). Trust and authority building within your topic and community space. Integration with supportive communities. Leveraging of professional networks and more.

Revenue – Sales/Conversions – Brand Exposure – Authority

The SEO industry has no official regulatory or academic body to establish official best practices and standards for the performance of SEO services. Therefore, many SEO practices are dictated by popular figures within the industry via forums, blogs, conferences and books/literature. Selecting the right SEO service for your website is one of the most important business decisions you can make.

Uniquely Qualified

Advanced SEO by Jason J Green

Built upon hundreds of successful Internet marketing and reputation management campaigns and powered by sophisticated technology, my web solutions represent the bleeding edge of advanced Internet marketing, promotion and reputation management.

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