About Me

My Name is Jason Green and…

  • I’m a Digital Marketing Innovator.
  • I’ve influenced the socio-political landscape in the U.S.
  • I have developed intimidating methods and tech.
  • I’ve inspired large-scale social initiatives and forced major entities to make serious changes as I see fit.
  • I’ve been called a hired gun (which I think sounds pretty cool).

I’ve been creating solutions and building cool stuff since I was a small child.

In 1st – 4th grade I would bring a new invention, creation or presentation to show-and-tell every week. Everything from mini grappling-hook watches to Jacob’s Ladders.

“I specifically recal building an anti-theft device for wallets. If someone tried to pick-pocket you; your wallet would exclaim loudly: “Hi My Name is Cricket!”. I frequently harvested parts from my sisters toys (sorry Jen).”

My Bleeding-Edge Table

  • SEO
  • Web Marketing
  • Reputation
  • Branding
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Fixing Problems
  • Redeeming Lost Causes
  • Unique Solutions for Unique Circumstances

Check out Services to see the full range of what I’m interested in doing these days. I’m pretty crafty and I’m a good problem solver; open-invite to try me.

I am an expert in the development and execution of successful Internet marketing strategies. Data-driven, ROI-centric, advanced SEO, Social and Reputation Management.

My Work

I have hundreds of successful campaigns and projects in my portfolio; web marketing, reputation, social, development and specialized R&D. Alone and in combination. I have some unique experience as well. Learn More Here

Diversity of Experience

I have worked with organizations of all sizes; from home-based moms to fortune 500. I have built brands from the ground up and assisted individuals with reputation nightmares. Local, national and international. Web marketing, SEO, Social, Reputation, Software and Web Development, Recon, R&D, Project Management and even education tech & classroom facilitation (I have a knack for creating effective education systems especially for adult learners). Shout at me and let’s see if we should work together.

THE PLAN or Good God that Clock Ticks…

At the time of this writing I’m 41 years old; I feel the clock ticking. I have a plan. I have a very good plan. The Plan is going to facilitate financial security for my family and probably my heirs as well for some time to come. I have an obsessive relationship with time and pressure (this is probably why I am able to excel under ridiculous deadlines and move mountains to avoid the bell.). This tends to work out very well for my clients.

Slow Down and Focus

I’m focusing allot on building my passive-income empire and developing my magnum opus (my escape plan). Building a desperately needed fire department in Mexico is my current gratis labor of love. I consult, strategize and sometimes execute campaigns for select projects if I feel they have merit. I am surrounded by amazing people. True believers in “THE PLAN”. They afford me the latitude to build our future as I see fit.

That being said I do still have interest in reviewing projects on a case by case basis. I’m still obsessed with driving successful campaigns; so if you have an interesting project, drop me a line.
We will define “Interesting Projects” as any organization or individual that could be described as having one or more of the following qualities:

  • Unique Offerings
  • Interesting Officers/Owners
  • Risk-Takers
  • Underdogs with bad odds
  • Ill-tempered genius
  • Desperate startups by passionate entrepreneurs
  • Moms/Dads putting it all on the line to build a future
  • Reputation disasters
  • Marketers who need help
  • Lost-causes
  • Innovators
  • Redheaded step-children
  • Twins and parents of twins
  • Projects that increase Truth or Beauty at scale.
  • Anyone named Sarah, Jason, James, Donovan, Hannah, Aidan, Ella, Torin, Olive, Devin, Siyler, Emerson or Noble

I Love:

-Great whiskey 

-Muscle cars (mustangs in particular)

-Boxing (I’m obsessed with pugilism, peek-a-boo boxing as per Cus D’Amato and his star pupil Iron Mike Tyson)


-Building, fixing, improving, inventing.

-ARDUINO and the like. More here

-Accumulating information (I read a lot. Probably more than you would believe.) Psychology (transactional, applied, theoretical, marketing, social) Math, physics, biology, philosophy. I devour information. As a child, I learned to conceal just how much I read to avoid scrutiny and shitty comments. Most never understood the rabid pursuit of knowledge.


I’m from Reno, Nevada where I currently reside. I am a father of many.

I am fortunate enough to live with my youngest son, my best friend and business partner and the love of my life (and 2 red-headed step-children {literally}).

What I’m Looking at:


  • The Shadow
  • Old-School Battletech
  • Energized Hypnosis
  • Jordan Belfort
  • Language
  • Info Design
  • Statistics
  • IR Science


Breaker Unreasonable

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Being a dad:

Trying to understand the factors that support raising children into effective, happy and highly motivated men and women. Creating a culture in my home that values and rewards knowledge-centric achievements. Celebrating honor, love of knowledge, hunger and the ability to overcome and master your world.

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