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Industry Emails


I get about 10 emails per day from various SEO industry resources. Clearly I have signed up and I’m getting what I requested. Sometimes I get important information that keeps me updated.

It’s the featured stuff that’s invariably disappointing. 

Do you ever pay attention to the subject lines of these emails?

Notice anything… repetitive?

I keep seeing these subject lines from industry authorities that look like:

“4 ways to use Chrome for your SEO Site Audit”


“Beginning Python for Technical SEO”

WTF is “Technical SEO”???? Is this as opposed to non-technical SEO?

So when I get those emails. What am I going to do? Nothing? It’s actually comforting in a way. There are some of my colleagues who are doing very cool shit. It’s just not blasted all over the world in industry newsletters. I’m good with that. 


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