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Google (Over)Personalization

Google Ferris Wheel

I’m feeling more and more boxed in and overwhelmed by the homogeny of my Google personalized everything.

I know that there are at least some others that feel the same way.

Personalization, over-personalization, etc.

Curious people want natural (universal) algorithmic results, at least part-time; just to see what’s out there. If they don’t want them they certainly need them.


At some point this self-reinforced feedback loop of info is so personalized that it forces users into a narrow box and an equally narrow view of what’s going on in the world.

It is at this point that unreasonable influence and even control of the user becomes a very real possibility.

I’m going to do some research and try to get a feel for what people are thinking about this. I suspect that some audience segments will be more at home in a hyper-personalized, self-reinforced, and self-informed information feed than others.

Was this the plan all along? Lull them with a great search product, slowly change the landscape to personalization, exert influence over the users data universe to craft views?
Is the paranoia rising up within you too?

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